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This page should answer most of you questions about the business however, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate in contacting

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How can I cover my interest rates and overheads?

At a production rate of cutting 3 keys a day, you can cover your interest rates and your overheads.

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Can I make a copy of a key without having a original key?

The machines are precision machines. The replica is a perfect copy of the original. You need the original to make a copy.

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How old is Silca?

Silca has been in this business for over 225 years now. It is totally established in Europe and America.

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What is the warranty of the machine?

The machine has a warranty of 1 year. In over 600 machines sold in India, we have not received any isolated complaint to date.

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What is the power requirements of the key machines?

The power usage is very minimal for the machines. They work in an ordinary 3.5Amp power supply. There is no requirement for a Stabilizer as they don't get affected by voltage fluctuation which is common in India.

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Under what quality measures does Silca manufacture these machines?

Silca uses the highest standards in technology to manufacture these machines. These machines are manufactured with quality materials keeping in mind to meet the European CE certification standard. They also hold an ISO 9001 certification. More than anything these machines cut keys accurately and with maximum precision.

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What is the life of the cutter? How much does it cost?

Depending on usage a cutter blade typically lasts between one year and two years. A new blade costs about Rs.4,500.

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"Duplicating Keys", does it need any special training? If so, what is the cost?

To duplicate keys one does not need any special training however we recommend that you spend at least half a day at our training center to perfect it with ease and accuracy. We will provide training free of cost however, you will have to take care of your travel, accommodation and other miscellaneous costs.

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The company provides the clients with hands on experience in regards to the training for key cutting, where he will learn in our key shop.

bullet.jpg (576 bytes) Do I require a special license to run the Key Business or do I need permission from the Police?

No license is required to establish a Key Shop. In fact it is treated as any other proper legal Business. We have sold over 600 machines all over India and there haven't been any legal problems for our customers. Also, in this business we duplicate keys with original keys and not without them therefore our intention is to provide service to our customers.

bullet.jpg (576 bytes) What is the market potential of the key business?

The market potential is tremendous for this type of a business. The client will have a good response only if he takes good care as to where he is located at and markets himself well.

bullet.jpg (576 bytes) What happens when I want to buy more key blanks?

We will be happy to supply the key blanks to our customers. In fact we keep stock of all key blanks used in the Indian market. You would need to make a payment to our ICICI bank account and if your order is over Rs.5000 we will cover the shipping charges.

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